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Mark Fisher ~ About Me



  • I was born in Canterbury in 1963.
  • Taught by my mother to draw and paint from a young age. I won my first art competition at sixteen.
  • I have spent most of my life in the Kent/Sussex area with the exception of 4 years in Australia and 4 years in London.
  • I attended Medway College of Design 1980 –1983.
  • From 1983 my work was in the design industry. Initially working with architects, interior designers and visual effects 1983 – 1994
  • Then latterly in automotive design and product creation 1984 - 2005.
  • Since 2005 I have had my own studio to work from and this is also where I teach drawing and painting techniques to small groups of adults. I also tutor painting holidays abroad.


Mark Fisher - Artist Statement

I am a painter I need to paint, the world around me, natural and manmade the interaction, conflict, decay and synergy. I feel a strong connection with my world and want to share the wonders that I observe, layer upon layer, I feel the structure within disintegrating. Environment tightly observed, spontaneously recorded.

When I paint, I feel immersed in the process and deeply connected to each element seen and unseen in that work. Inspired by what I see I try to capture the image held within me awakening, stimulating all senses.

I paint with a spontaneity of execution but a control over my medium. An exploration of  light and shadow, drawing you in to explore a new world revealed or partially veiled. Incorporating subtle textures or a strong physical ground on which to paint.

For now I am exploring different surfaces to paint onto  - fragments large and small of scrap metal sheet corroded, discoloured disintegrating, degrading add yet more depth and dimension, texture and story to my work.